Building Regulations Drawings

After Planning Permission, there will be a requirement for Building Regulations.

These are the construction notes/details and are submitted to the L.A. with the FULL Building Regulations application form on your behalf. They explain HOW we will build the project/extension/conversion/new build. They will be examined by the L.A. Building Control Dept and each area of the project will require these approved notes/details.

The Local Authority will examine the details and refer to the APPROVED DOCUMENTS that make up the Building Regulations.

You will need to pay the appropriate fees to the L.A. and it will be best to call them directly, to get the correct figure. After the fee to the L.A. is paid, they will start the process of examining the details and notes.

It usually takes up to 5 weeks, for APPROVAL of the Building Regs at the L.A.

A notice confirming the APPROVAL of the Building Regulations, will be sent out and these Building Regulations Drawings and Construction details/notes will be copied to you. It is important to carry out the construction, to these details/notes.

They are detailed and specify materials eg timber spec and sizes, foundations depths and type and floor substrate construction, insulation etc details. The details refer to the Building Regulations necessary for approval under the Building Act 1984 and the Building Regulations 2000. These are updated regularly and we keep up to date with the latest Regulations.

On site, the B.C.O. ( Building Control Officer ) will check that the Building Regulations have been complied with, by carrying out inspections at the appropriate times, to inspect the various areas. The fees paid to the L.A. will cover the Inspections.

After the construction is complete and the B.C.O. has carried out ALL the inspections, they will send out a Completion Certificate. You should keep this safely and we recommend that you give the original to your solicitor, for safe-keeping. This will be required at the time of the sale of the property.

Structural areas are noted and will be covered by our Structural Engineers design, details and calcs.

Building Notice

It is possible to start the building works by giving a Building Notice to the L.A. You will have to submit the form and the required fees to the L.A. The fees are similar to the Building Regulations fees, but may be more expensive ( depending on the L.A. in the area that you live ) and you may have to pay them up front, in one go.

You will have to give at least 48 hours notice. After this time, you can commence the build/construction process.

It is important to note that, if you commence building under a Building Notice, then you do so
at your own risk.

The BCO will still be required to inspect the various areas of construction at the appropriate times, to make sure that the construction complies correctly.

If the BCO is not satisfied with the works, then you will be required to make any changes necessary at your cost – this can work out expensive!

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